The Farm

Welcome to The Farm!

Over the last ten years, the volunteers who run Stray Haven have opened their home at The Farm to dozens of homeless animals, big and small (sometimes VERY big as was the case when an abandoned ostrich wandered onto the property!), simply out of the goodness of their hearts.

As their animal family (and expenses) grew, they realized the best way to care for the animals was to officially operate as a 501(c)(3) animal sanctuary.  In 2010, The Farm officially incorporated and gained the name, Stray Haven, Inc.

Today, The Farm is home to over 75 abandoned cats, 25 abandoned dogs, a few stray chickens and an opposum named Salem.  While that sounds like a large family, the property has been property analyzed and confirmed to hold up to an additional 100 cats, as funding permits.


4:00am WAKE UP!

4:15am Crissy and Gary eat breakfast and drink mugs of coffee on the porch whil kitties purr at their feet.

5:00am Crissy heads to the cat barn, Gary heads to the dog kennels to clean, feed and water all the animals.  Every critter also gets a good petting and a morning hello.
8:00am  The chores are finished!  Crissy heads off to her day job while Gary stays on the farm to make repairs and expand the buildings on the property.  All dogs are run around the farm for morning exercise and play.

10:00am The Farm is ready to receive guests.  Tours are by appointment only.  Please contact us if you are interested in visiting The Farm.
4:00pm  Crissy returns home and helps Gary change all the water and food dishes for the evening feedings.

5:00-7:00pm Gary runs the dogs around the farm while Crissy spends times playing with the kittens.
7:00pm The day is done! Off to bed for another fun day on The Farm tomorrow!

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