About Us

Stray Haven is a non-profit 501(c)(3) animal sanctuary located in the beautiful rolling hills of Northern Georgia and home to over 75 abandoned cats and 25 abandoned dogs.

Our mission is to provide safe shelter, food and medical care to these animals so they can live out their days comfortably and loved.  These animals had nowhere to turn before moving to Stray Haven due to pet overpopulation and the over-development of urban areas in Florida and Georgia.

It's an unfortunate situation and the animals end up the victims.  That's where Stray Haven comes to the rescue. Today, Stray Haven provides these once forgotten cats and dogs the freedom to enjoy the remainder of their lives on a safe five-acre farm with medical care, food, love and warm shelter provided by dedicated volunteers and an on-call veterinarian. 

Our dogs have newly built dog runs in which to run and play together with cozy dog houses to sleep in at night.  Our cats are free to roam The Farm by day and nestle into the straw of our two large sleeping barns at night.  You could say, the accommodations are the cat's pajamas.

Of course, this care isn't free.  The cost of food and medical care averages approximately $100 per animal per year.  That totals $10,000 for the 100 animals currently living on The Farm.  Funds raised beyond this amount are used to expand and improve the property to accommodate more animals waiting for a permanent home at Stray Haven.  Please see our Donation page if you would like to donate money or supplies.